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Stategic Management

Corsum Consulting is a management consulting firm focused on building value for companies in the middle market. We have advised business leaders of middle market companies on issues such as strategy, growth, change management and exit planning.

Our method stresses one overarching theme - that middle market companies must embrace a value building model that addresses the needs, goals, desires and responsibilities of all their stakeholders from the founders and investors to the staff members.  Our focus is helping smaller and mid market companies think and act like their publicly traded bigger brothers.  We apply a proven strategic consulting methodology to the most pressing challenges of management - and create strategic trasformational initiatives in order for business leaders to drive company performance and build business value.


Business Strategy and Management Seminars

With an eye on developing your Next Generation of Leaders, Corsum Consulting has developed a seminar series aimed at helping your leaders and staff develop a richer and fuller relationship with all of the stakeholders in your company.

These interactive seminars are great for "grown bags" or after hours sessions and provide an adult learning model that encourages participation.  Cohorts will naturally develop and a culture of continual learning will spawn as your staff engages in each seminar, bringing leadership teams and staff closer and more capable of solving even the toughest challenges.

  • Seminar Series - Interactice 90 minute seminars for your Next Generation of Leaders
  • Speakers BureauKey note addresses on topics such as Building Vaue, Leadership Development, Business Transformation and Building an Ownership Culture

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