TAB-BWI and Corsum Consulting are proud to sponsor 'Team Friends Foundation' in the 'Race Across America'.

Race Across America

8 local cyclists...3,000 miles across America...All to raise money for the Friends Foundation in support of local charities. Please join the Adventure!

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Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America's top communication theorists and coaches.

Dr. Nick Morgan

Helping people tell their stories so the world pays attention.

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Online Marketing for Professional Services Firms: How Digital Marketing Delivers Faster Growth and Higher Profits

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"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” 

~ Lou Holtz

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Corporate Strategy Consulting - Building Business Value

 The Sellability Score Online Assessment Tool

Discover How to Spend Less Time in Your Business and Enjoy
More Freedom, All While Building an Asset You Can Sell Down the Road


Sellability Score


Take the 13-minute, 100% confidential assessment and we'll perform a detailed cat-scan of your business, revealing insights on ...

  • How sellable your business is right now based on dozens of key sellability factors.
  • How you can immediately start reducing the number of hours you spend in your business,while building an asset you can sell down the road.
  • Overlooked areas of your business that can be more effectively automated, delegated, and systemized - resulting in more freedom for you right away, and making your business more attractive to potential buyers when you're ready to sell.
  • Simple tweaks you can make in your business that will generate more cash flow, free up more of your time, and increase the sellable value of your business.

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Why You Should Be Working Less, Not More, If You Want to Sell Your Business Someday…

Many people make the mistake of thinking they need to put in 80 hours a week year after year if they're going to build a business that someone will want to buy one day.

The truth is, potential buyers are looking for businesses that can thrive without their owners. After all, once they buy your business, you’ll no longer be available to put in those 80-hour workweeks, right?

The Sellability Score software will perform a detailed analysis of your business and show you the steps you can start taking today to build a business that will thrive without you. You can start spending less time in your business right away, and enjoy the freedom you’re after sooner rather than later. At the same time, you’ll be building a valuable asset that will continue to thrive and grow well after your exit.

Get your business analyzed now, and uncover the customized tweaks you can start making to unlock more freedom in your business!

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Strategic Management

Corsum Consulting is a management consulting firm focused on building value for companies in the middle market. We have advised business leaders of middle market companies on issues such as strategy, growth, change management and exit planning.

Our method stresses one overarching theme – that middle market companies must embrace a value building model that addresses the needs, goals, desires and responsibilities of all their stakeholders from the founders and investors to the staff members. Our focus is helping smaller and mid market companies think and act like their publicly traded bigger brothers. We apply a proven strategic consulting methodology to the most pressing challenges of management – and create strategic transformational initiatives in order for business leaders to drive company performance and build business value.



Business Strategy and Management Seminars

With an eye on developing your Next Generation of Leaders, Corsum Consulting has developed a seminar series aimed at helping your leaders and staff develop a richer and fuller relationship with all of the stakeholders in your company.

These interactive seminars are great for "brown bags" or after hours sessions and provide an adult learning model that encourages participation.  Cohorts will naturally develop and a culture of continual learning will spawn as your staff engages in each seminar, bringing leadership teams and staff closer and more capable of solving even the toughest challenges.

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